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Pay-Per-Click Services

Be Found on Google




We highly recommend implementing an optimized website and increasing your rankings through organic searches. This can save you money on your pay-per-click (PPC) campaign. There are situations when companies prefer to gain additional exposure employing PPC. They feel the duel approach of SEO tactics and PPC allows them to outpace or dominate their competitors.


Optimizing your PPC

Uptimize can assist you with your current PPC campaign or we can create a new one. We will optimize your PPC plan for Google Adwords. Usually for the same budget campaign amount we can achieve 20% or more in clicks.


Does your PPC get results?

PPC campaigns need to be setup with proper keywords to be effective. You can end up spending money on clicks that are attracting the wrong client. This just costs you money and doesn’t result in more customers. When you don’t see a return on your investment for the online advertisements it is hard to justify the campaign. That said, we know organic listings can be achieved at a fraction of the cost that you will pay for PPC. Consider SEM if you want multiple listings on the home page, but if your budget doesn’t allow this, then consider a PPC campaign.


Our PPC Fees

Our fees to setup and manage a PPC campaign on Google are as follows:
Establish an optimized campaign: $1.00 per keyword
Ongoing monthly fee: 20% of the approved monthly allowance.



Is your website optimized for first page placement, or do we need to UPTIMIZE it?

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