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Reputation Management Marketing


Are you worried about your online reputation?

Does your company have negative information that shows up when you search your business name online? Is this causing you to lose sales? If so, you run a higher risk of potential customers going to your competitors due to the negative information that they might read online about your company. It is so important for your online reputation to stay positive to attract new customers.

The accuracy of the online information doesn’t matter because potential clients will just move on and look for another company and not take the time to discuss the information with you. This can be a very frustrating problem. You feel as though you have no control. At Uptimize, we know techniques that will help you improve your online reputation as well as resources to increase the number of reviews you direct to different review platforms.


Take Action and Restore Your Reputation

Your business can really be hurt by derogatory remarks that are posted online. We work to suppress your information through optimized websites and articles that increase the positive information about your company. Our objective is to move the good information ahead of the bad so it is not so easily visible to the user that is searching online. Waiting to take action may be costing your business a lot of money. Doing nothing doesn’t make the problem go away.


Contact Us for the Uptimize Solution

Our Reputation Management Program will help you make unwanted online information less visible. Usually people don’t tend to search past the 2nd page so getting your negative information pushed to other pages is important. Call us to explain your situation and we will work with you to develop a plan to restore your online reputation.





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