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Search Engine Dominance

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Search Engine Dominance

Increasing your online visibility using SEM

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is more than just increasing your visibility online with search engines. Businesses generally try to increase visibility with paid online advertising. We aim to seek search engine dominance for our client.

Increase your chances to have front page exposure

The first objective is to obtain organic placement on major search engines. The next best thing after this is to have multiple listings on the front page. We want to go beyond the two maximum for any one URL by achieving additional listings by using unique URL’s and optimizing more websites. Every time you are on the front page, that is one less competitor that can be on there with you. When you have more listings on the front page, other companies are moved to the 2nd page. All of this improves your chance that someone will click on your site. Anytime you have more than one listing on the front page you have greatly increased your chances that someone will click on your listing. We start offering SEM with our Level 10 plan.

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Search engines usually only allocate ten organic listings on the front page. If your goal is to have dominance in your market then SEM is an accepted way to work on achieving it.

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