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At Uptimize, our SEO team has experience and proven methods that will optimize your website to improve your organic search results when potential clients search online using keywords related to your business, industry, or services. It is important to have good placement in the organic ranks to obtain the best online visibility and quality customer to your website. Analytics confirm that organic customers tend to stay on your website longer when their search is relevant to why they are searching. Since the site is more relevant, the customer is more engaged and a higher quality prospect. The best marketing strategy and ROI for your business is organic online visibility!

Website optimization is complex and involves many variables. Not only are keywords and original content important, the technical backend details are critical as well. We work on the backside of your website in the areas looked at by the search engine algorithms to set up your site to optimally affect your ranking in the searched results. We also monitor the performance of your site during each month to make sure your site maintains excellent results as the competition and algorithms change.


Reduce or Eliminate Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

If your site is not optimized for relevance, then your path to new clients may cost through online advertising. Thus, businesses implement paid Google AdWord campaigns via pay-per-click to get visibility. This can be very expensive. A key point to remember with PPC, once you bid on your keywords and set a daily budget maximum, your ad will only display when relevant until you budget is met then it disappears for the remainder of that day. A competitors’ ad will then replace yours. PPC advertising is not always 24/7. Natural or Organic results are 24/7!

With effective SEO, you don’t have to rely on pay-per-click. We want to help your company obtain as high a search rank as possible and improve your natural placement. The higher your rank, the more likely a potential client or customer will click on your site. Your success is our success.


Are you currently paying-per-click to have visibility?
If so, you’re paying 5 to 20 times more per visit than needed. Our SEO team has helped thousands of businesses stop their PPC and they typically see 5 times more traffic to their site at 1/3 of the cost they were paying.

What does that translate to?
Your company will receive a lot more opportunities for a fraction of the cost. There is no better marketing ROI value than organic search traffic.

What can Uptimize do for you?
We make it simple! Uptimize identifies our SEO fees on this website so you know exactly what you will be receiving. We don’t require any long-term contracts and regularly monitor your site for performance. Please keep in mind that after the optimization is uploaded, you will begin to see improvements in the rankings yet it may take 60-120 days to see significant results as the search engines see and index your site(s).

Let us help you “Elevate Your Business.”


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