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Search Engine Placement for Your Business

Why is Website Relevance important?

Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines use “spiders” to obtain information about your website.  This information is then used to determine your rank order on search engines when someone searches using keywords or phrases.  The higher you rank the more relevant your website is to the search engines.  For your site to be relevant the code needs to be optimized properly and the website needs to have good, relevant content.  This content needs to tell the search engine about your business and what you do.  If the search engine doesn’t know very much about you, then you will not be relevant and will have a lower page ranking.  Of course, there are many things search engines consider to determine rankings, but if you focus on content, website code, traffic rank and link popularity you can achieve great placement. 

Is your website optimized?

We help you improve your organic rankings so you can increase traffic to your website.  This makes you more visible on the internet.  The code on your website needs to be optimized for search engines to obtain information that is relevant to your website.  We have a tool that analyzes your website to see how well search engines are seeing you.  If your website does not score well, then we know that you are not meeting search engine criteria that is important.  This could be costing you better rankings and sales because you are not being found.  Our SEO team can fully optimize your site to improve your ranking.  We want to learn about your business so we can help you achieve more visibility and website traffic.

Do you resort to Pay-Per-Click for more visibility?

Many companies that do not have good visibility online resort to Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising.  Did you know that the bounce rate of a PPC customer back out of your site is very high and the site visit is often very short?  Organic search customers are much higher quality and stay on your site longer because the site is relevant to the topic they are searching.  Studies show that 80-85% of internet searchers click on natural listings.  You can achieve organic placement at a fraction of the cost you will pay for PPC.  In some situations companies will decide on both a SEO and PPC campaign.


Uptimize can help you with guaranteed results or we will refund you!

Our SEO team has optimized thousands of websites and have been very successful at obtaining multiple first and second page placements when searching relevant keyword phrases. We have optimization plans that are designed to fit your company depending on your size, needs and goals.


Is your website optimized for first page placement, or do we need to UPTIMIZE it?

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