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The Ben Hogan Learning Center #2 is located at Squaw Creek Golf Club in Willow Park, Texas. The Ben Hogan Foundation and the First Tee – Fort Worth partnered up for their second learning center in the Dallas Fort Worth area. The mission of the learning center is to create an incredible learning environment for the children in the First Tee programs and give a great place to host events or important fundraising meetings.

Uptimize Design had the privilege to be in the construction and building planning meetings with both organizations as the vision was established. The design challenge was combining two non-profit organizations’ branding and visions into a cohesive space that accurately represents both sides. First Tee is a national non-profit all over the United States with a large brand guideline to follow. With the First Tee’s new branding established, Uptimize Design had the opportunity to be the first to implement this in a learning center on a large scale.

The main goal of the vinyl wall graphics was to transform the building into a fun and inspiring place for the kids to learn and grow. We wanted them to feel excited to be in the building and inspired to write their own story. Mike Wright, the director of golf at Shady Oaks Country Club, is being honored in the Ben Hogan Learning Center in a room specifically donated to him. The challenge with the Ben Hogan Foundation was they had a lot of text they wanted to display on the walls. We decided the best solution would be vinyl wall graphics where the text would be large and easy to read from a distance or up close. Mike’s life story is very inspiring. He came from a modest background with an ambitious work ethic. Ben Hogan inspired him to pursue a life of excellence. After sitting in on an interview with Mike and studying his life story, Uptimize Design thought it would an inspiring story for the kids in this program. Our hope is that they will read his story and “wright their own story.”

The new First Tee branding is very big on the idea of the kids writing their own personal growth story. They want them to show up stronger in everything they set out to do. Their new tagline is Building Game Changers. As we studied the First Tee vision, we saw that there were many similarities to Mike Wright’s story. This led us to create the theme for the whole building: write your own story.

One challenge of the space was to take the large amount of written content the Ben Hogan Foundation had and create a pleasant and inviting design. Their organization serves more than just kids, so the style is more professional and serious. The First Tee on the other hand is entirely focused to children, which clearly shows in the branding. The fun, large patterns from the First Tee branding were used to add a playful look to the space and bring this sophisticated building to life. A mix of complementary design elements were created to add emphasis and cohesion to the Ben Hogan walls. Overall, the building came to life with the vinyl wall graphic designs. The expressive patterns, colors and imagery brought the vision of both non-profit organizations together.


Uptimize Design helped advise and design the exterior building sign for this Ben Hogan Learning Center. It was a challenge highlighting two organizations in a way that didn’t overpower each other but highlighted their partnership. A metal sign with aluminum standoffs was selected to match the metal roofing and accents on the building. Metal, stained wood and black were already used on the building. It was important to carry on the current design elements with a sign that seamlessly fit in.


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