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Tardy Orthodontics


Packaging Design: Custom Cookie Boxes

Dr. Tardy at Tardy Orthodontics hands out freshly baked cookies to each brace removal patient! This cookie box packaging was a clever way to brand Dr. Tardy. If you look closely, you can see the detail that went into the bite on the illustrated cookie. A perfect arc in the cookie bite was vital for Dr. Tardy. She wanted to accurately represent her work, making perfect smiles. The theme of the box came from the quote, “A balanced diet is a cookie in both hands!” The illustrated lady represents Dr. T! What a fun way to brand a company!

T-shirt Design

Fun t-shirt designs were made for Dr. Tardy, her staff and to hand out as gifts to their patients.
The variety of designs give both male and female options for all ages.

Direct Mail & Ads

Thousands of postcards were sent out to neighbors in a 3 mile radius of the office that had a certain household income. These postcards brought in new patients that ultimately resulted in successful ROI. Uptimize Design helped with the design, creating the mailing list and the distribution of the postcards. School advertisements were also created for local schools, booster clubs and sports teams to generate traffic and awareness in the area.

Local Community School Promotions

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